We Listened To 1000s Of People On Their Struggles With Purchase-To-Pay...

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Inefficient Spend Is Taxing Your Business’s Growth 

Is Your Team Wasting Time?

As your business grows, your spend problems grow with you.

Buying for business is losing you thousands of hours a year.

  • Researching every product your business needs to buy, at the lowest price prices, within delivery range, and in stock

  • Sourcing across multiple vendors, with varying net terms, MOQs, and fees

  • Tracking numerous deliveries across various locations

  • Duplicate workflows across multiple locations and teams

  • Delaying workflows while waiting on approvals and budget checks

  • Reconciling 100s of invoices at end of month

Is Your Team Wasting Money?

Most companies leave money on the table, unknowingly. 

Your buying process should be saving your business money.

  • Accessing bulk or scale pricing

  • Meeting minimum order quantities 

  • Negotiating unfavorable net terms and exorbitant fees

  • Managing rogue and unapproved spend

  • Determining variance in spend across multiple locations

The limits of traditional Purchase-To-Pay are costing your business time and money.

Order is a Spend Efficiency Platform that empowers your ops and finance teams to take back control of the buying process by sourcing products, placing orders and tracking purchases, viewing centralized insights and recommendations, managing payments, and consolidating bills across all vendors.

Are You Spending Efficiently?

...And Then We Built A Software To Simplify Buying For Business.

The days of multiple spreadsheets and waiting for approvals are over. 

Scale + Grow Your Business With A Spend Efficiency Platform

1. One Catalog

All of your vendors in one place – we source and procure the products you need to run your business

2. One Cart

Buy with your preferred terms and we’ll get you the best deals across our vendor network 

3. One Approval Process

Real-time approvals and budget visibility across locations and departments

4. One Place to Track

Track all of your deliveries in one platform, across all vendors and locations

5. One Bill

Automated invoices and reconciliation for faster book closing

Is Your Team Lacking Clarity?

You can’t control what you can’t see, and most businesses can’t see their spend.

Your lack of centralized insights stalls your business’ growth.

  • Lacking centralized and real-time data

  • Delaying invoice reconciliation by 30-45 days for month’s end

  • Tracking down invoices and payment methods

  • Manually inputting spend in spreadsheets and accounting systems

  • Reactively controlling spend 

Simplify buying for business.

Get started

100s of invoices down to 1 invoice per month

Real - time approvals, in one place

Get earnings from spend, like a credit card

Access economies of scale for all purchases

Stop bad spend decisions before they're made

Your business is in the 21st century. Why isn’t your Purchase-To-Pay process?

Spend Efficiency by the numbers

Businesses waste millions of dollars a year. Control your bottom line with Order.


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16k +



YTD invoices consolidated 


YTD orders fulfilled

Forecast budget with accurate, real-time data