Unify Your Approvals, Purchase Orders, Vendors, Invoices - Everything. Get your Procurement Process in Order.

Procurement Software to Automate Purchasing 

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Order integrates the many steps, stakeholders, products, and antiquated processes of how a business handles purchasing into a single streamlined experience. What was once chaos is now a catalyst for growth.

Trusted partner of finance and operations teams everywhere

Give Your Company a Better Way to Purchase & Pay

Your Company,
Your Products

Ensure purchasing compliance by giving your team one curated, pre-approved catalog to make all of their purchases from. And make recurring orders as simple as one click with saved product lists.

Your Accountant’s 

All your purchases, one weekly or monthly invoice, paid on your terms. It’s that simple.

Never Lose Track 
of a Payment

Get peace of mind knowing you can quickly find any invoice or payment made through Order.

Guardrails for 
Your Purchasers

Take total control of your company’s spend with customizable budgets, workflows, and approvals down to the location, user, or GL code level for total purchasing peace of mind.

Vendor Management

Gain full control over the products and vendors your employees purchase from. Never worry about off catalog purchasing again.

Close Your
Books Faster

Order can work alongside any accounting system via direct integration or data export, letting your accounting team close the books quickly and accurately.

All Your Data, 
Smarter Decisions

Create, customize, print, export, and e-mail financial reports that contain line level spend data on anything you purchase. Cut out the noise and start making more informed decisions.

Total Spend 

Automate invoice creation & streamline AP without sacrificing detail. Easily export perfectly coded spend data — down to the location, user, or product level — into your accounting system.

A Better Way
to Pay

Automatically schedule payments to vendors from your bank account regardless of the payment method accepted by the vendor, be it ACH, check, or card.

Your Partner in Growth

No matter where you are on your company’s journey, we’ll work with you to define and reach your goals, ensuring Order becomes a key pillar in your company’s growth.

Pay the Best Price

Order leverages its buying power and vendor relationships to get you the best prices possible.

End Invoice Overload

Piles of invoices are a thing of the past. Get line-level visibility on every purchase and pay each of your vendors with one monthly payment.

Simplify today so you can anticipate tomorrow.


Trusted partner of finance and operations teams everywhere

Manage Your Purchasing Process From End to End

All Your Spend, in Order

Order simplifies buying for businesses. From the moment you purchase through the moment you pay, Order works in-stride with your team as well as your existing vendors, workflows, and current software products for a simple, streamlined experience.


A Guided Marketplace for All Your Purchasers

Simplify your purchasing process by centralizing it. All the products your company needs to operate in one place, with the guardrails in place to ensure compliance.


Uniting the Entire AP Process

Zoom in on your AP process—contracts, invoices, receipts, payments—for visibility and control of every aspect of your spend. Then zoom out for our tailored insights so you not only see what’s ahead but feel prepared for the future.


All Your Spend, One Invoice

Imagine a world where you only process one invoice. Order makes that a reality. Stop wasting precious resources processing hundreds of invoices and get back to focusing on what your company needs to grow.


From Our Customer

"Order has allowed us to essentially eliminate all unapproved spending"

$55,000 in annual cash savings

"Order has allowed us to essentially eliminate all unapproved spending"

How Order Works

Centralizing purchasing to eliminate an average of $50k in monthly rogue spend

Centralizing purchasing to eliminate an average of $50k in monthly rogue spend

Stefanie Teintze