From chaos to clarity, in Order Simplifies Buying for Cannabis Businesses. allows you to unlock cash flow for your cannabis business with flexible payment agreements and net terms. Plus, manage your entire purchase-to-pay process in one place with with one curated, pre-approved catalog, order tracking, spend controls, and 15,000+ reliable vendors. Find out how can help your team save time, save money, and gain clarity.

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“[] keeps us more compliant within the industry and [helps us] have more control on the uncontrollable.”

$4,400 in monthly cash savings

Unlocking net terms, reliable vendors, and seamless purchasing in the cannabis space

Neil Hesse

Staff Accountant

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Scale + Grow Your Business With A Spend Efficiency Platform

1. One Catalog

All of your vendors in one place – we source and procure the products you need to run your business

2. One Cart

Buy with your preferred terms and we’ll get you the best deals across our vendor network 

3. One Approval Process

Real-time approvals and budget visibility across locations and departments

4. One Place to Track

Track all of your deliveries in one platform, across all vendors and locations

5. One Bill

Automate payments and invoice reconciliation for faster book closing

Your business is in the 21st century. Why isn’t your Purchase-To-Pay platform?

Inefficient Spend Is Taxing Your Business’ Growth

As your business grows, your spend problems grow with you.

Save thousands of hours a year with

  • Always buy products at the lowest prices, in delivery range, and in-stock without spending time on research

  • Centralize purchasing across multiple vendors, to avoid varying net terms, MOQs, and fees

  • Let track numerous deliveries across various locations, so you don't have to

  • Automate approvals & budget checks to prevent delays

  • Standardize workflows across multiple locations and teams 

  • Reduce manual AP tasks by consolidating 100s of invoices into 1 weekly or monthly invoice 

  • Close books faster with automated invoice reconciliation, 3-way matching, and line-level coding

Is Your Team Wasting Time?

Is Your Team Wasting Money?

Most companies leave money on the table, unknowingly. 

Transform your buying process to save your business money.

  • Access bulk scale pricing, regardless of order size

  • Set net terms that work for your business

  • Eliminate rogue and unapproved spend

  • Control variance in spend across multiple locations

  • Make minimum order quantities a thing of the past

Is Your Team Lacking Clarity?

You can’t control what you can’t see, and most businesses can’t see their spend.

Accelerate your business' growth with centralized insights.

  • Utilize real-time spend data to make informed decisions, forecast spend, set budgets, and implement controls

  • Automate invoice reconciliation to have clarity now, not 30-45 days from now

  • Manage invoices, purchase orders, receipts, and payments in one place

  • Access perfectly coded spend data down to the location, user, or product level

  • Integrate data with other accounting systems

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Simplify buying for business.

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 Realize savings up and down the entire buying process

Whether it's saving time on purchasing with centralized vendor management, hours back to your AP team with consolidated invoicing, or just straight cash savings, the value brings to your cannabis business is limitless.



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