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Invoice management

Save time and remove manual errors by automatically generating purchase orders, setting recurring orders, and instantly sourcing the best prices.

Accounting automation

Improve data accuracy and decrease invoice processing time with automated GL coding at the time of purchase and effortless 3-way matching upon receipt of goods.

Integrations & exports

Close your books faster and save hours of data entry with seamless communication between and your accounting software via direct integration or data exports.

Reporting & analytics

Proactively control your organization’s spend and understand cost trends with access to real-time spend insights, broken down by user, location, or cost center.

Audit trails

Quickly access information from every order in a secure, centralized, and filterable location and review the purchase approval history at any time.

Seamless payments

Automate your payments with one consolidated, perfectly-coded invoice for all your vendors. No more cutting checks, chasing signatures, or paying late fees.

Make payments & accounting
easy, quick, and convenient

Significantly reduce the time you spend on accounts payable and pay all of your vendors for every purchase placed via your custom catalog on one monthly bill.

Pay one bill per month

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Access extended payment terms

Make the best purchasing decisions—free of cash flow constraints—by leveraging extended net terms through like Weekly Net-45 or Monthly Net-60.

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Ensure the accuracy of every payment. Confirm that a product was ordered, received, and invoiced, so you can easily complete a 3-way match instead of spending hours on invoice reconciliation.

Achieve a 3-way match

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Automate your invoice coding

Eliminate manual data entry errors and speed up invoice processing times by automatically pre-coding your invoices. Every invoice contains perfectly-coded, granular spend data.

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Close books faster and save countless hours getting accurate data into your accounting system. Keep your books up-to-date on all of your transactions via API integrations or data exports.

Share data seamlessly

Get started isn't just for AP. Manage your entire procure-to-pay process with ease.

Purchase everything
In one place

Radically reduce the time & money you spend on purchasing.

Purchase everything your business needs through, instead of ordering through each individual vendor. From big-box stores to industry-specific vendors and online marketplaces to vendors that receive POs via email, they’re all in your custom catalog.

Curate a custom catalog

Control purchasing through the catalog

Ensure purchasing compliance through your catalog, complete with pre-approved products to encourage standardization across locations and eliminate rogue spend.

Discover savings

Save money on your purchases by tapping into’s $4 billion in buying power. And, can strategically source products to discover savings on the same products you’re purchasing today.

Automate your purchasing

Speed up your purchasing process and never create another purchase order again. automatically sends all approved purchase requests straight to your vendor. And, easily buy your frequently-purchased products based on premade shopping lists and scheduled orders.

Track your orders

Stay up-to-date on your orders across all vendors by tracking their statuses — from approval to fulfillment to delivery — in one location.

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Control & gain visibility into your spend

Control every purchase with custom approvals and budgets, and increase visibility into your spend with detailed reporting.

  • Generate approvals by GL code, user, vendor, location, cost center, and order subtotal
  • Improve purchasing turnaround time with automatic order placement upon approval
  • Edit purchase requests at the line item level to avoid back-and-forth communication and delays
  • Centralize your approvals so that requests don’t get lost in your inbox or messages
  • Leverage budgets for users, locations, or cost centers and set them to the cadence that works best for your team
  • View changes in your budget as purchases are made, so your team never overspends
  • Allocate portions of a budget to specific types of products to control exactly how money is spent

Approval workflows fit for your organization

Track and limit spending with customizable budgets

Detailed reporting for better spend decisions

  • Generate granular reports with spend broken down by user, vendor, location, and more
  • View your spend and budgets in real-time to identify areas for cost savings
  • Create more accurate forecasts with instant access to historical spend data and trend projections
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$55,000 in annual cash savings

" has allowed us to essentially eliminate all unapproved spending."

Centralizing purchasing eliminated an average of $50k in monthly rogue spend

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Facilities & Property Management Specialist

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